Goudkoorts C# Game

For a school subject called Modelleren we needed to build a game with C#. But before we started programming we needed to UML model the most complex pieces of the game using Microsoft Visual Studio ‘s Architecture Diagrams, such as Sequence Diagram, Class Diagrams, Application Diagrams and so on.

Short Gameplay Introduction

I’ll just explain the gameplay very short. There are Carts random created at point A, B or C, then they will follow the track untill they come at a “Switch”, wich is colored. There are five switches and each of them have another color in our game. If the switch is open or not then the cart can continue its journey untill it passes a “K”. The “K” stands for a DockSquare in our game and when a Ship is docked to a DockingSquare the Cart will pass its cargo on to the Ship. When the Ship is full then it will pass out of the screen and a new one will spawn.

The game ends when two Carts will collide, this only happens when a Cart needs to stop for a switch.

Application Layer Diagram

As we continue we’ll take a look at the second picture, the Application Layer Diagram. As we can see we used the MVC model (Model View Controller). The parser in the Process layers parses a text file that represents our game field. The GameController  handles the input from the InputView and passes it on to the GameField model, wich on his turn passes it on to the correct SwitchSquare.

Class Diagram

In the last image I present you the Class diagram, including the multiplicities, dependencies  and inheritance.

Goudkoorts Board

AKD layersGoudkoorts AKD