Everyweb, a school project with a duration of a half year. This project was intended for IPStar, a dutch company that commercializes space technology, to be a prototype. A prototype for an application that provides an overview for families to do efficient groceries and to reduce waste.

During this project we worked in a team of nine persons divided in three sub-groups. Each sub group was responsible for one specific task suchs as: web development, native Android app development and the build of an API. I was during the whole project the head of web development and was mainly responsible for the architecture and the whole design. The website turned out to be so responsive that it eventually had overthrow the Android app.

The website is build using ExpressJS, GruntJS, LESS and handlebars view engine templates. This altogether created a lightweight web application.

I’ll try to explain how the application works in general. To start of the user needs to create an account. An account kan have multiple profiles for example if you have kids that are underage, you can make a profile for them too to calculate how much food a family requires. A user can also create a group of profiles to add recipes to. A recipe can then be added to a calendar date and the application will calculate how much groceries you need to do for your group. In theorie the application could be linked to a supermarket database to instantly show the prices of products. In our case we used dummy data to simulate the same event.

Unfortunately the written code needs to remain private.




Angular Mahjong Mayhem

Angular Mahjong Mayhem a school assignment in a team of three persons we needed to build a Multiplayer Mahjong game using Angular. With a Node.js server running we used socket.io to update the client.
During this project I was mainly responsible for Initializing the project with Angular Material, Unit testing, Routing, Partials and Directives. To make these test we included some packages such as: Karma, Chai, Mocha and Sinon. Using Instanbul we were able to create a visual code coverage output for our tests.

By using Angular Material we were able to focus a lot more on coding instead of the visual aspects and still making it look good.

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