libcurl install script for Raspberry Pi 3

A simple bash install script for libcurl – the multiprotocol file transfer library.
This script was created to run for the Raspberry Pi 3(Jessie).

Nginx RTMP install script Raspberry Pi 3

For making my Raspberry Pi 3(Jessie) live streaming server I found a quite complete bash script and edited to my own needs. Someone out there, I can’t seem to find where i found it. Anyway, who made it “Thanks”. Using Nginx as loadbalancer server and Roman Arutyunyan’s RTMP module I was able to livestream video from my ipcamera to my smartphone.

I posted my version on Github. Fork it or Contribute if you like.

Angular Material $mdToast color

Toasts are useful for displaying some quick information to the user. Using the $mdToast service of Angular Material we are able to do so with very little effort. Sometimes we want the background color to change, but how do we do this. Using the attribute

we add a class to a toast. Now we can add some CSS styling to style the toast how we want according to that class.

Here is a working example Codepen.