Werken bij Enexis HTML5 game

Because I studied Game development I really wanted to make a game during my internship. At Bandbreed they where so kind of giving me this opportunity! With a composite team we created a game for Enexis, called Werken bij Enexis, this HTML5 game would enlighten people about the work they do in the field.

During this project which had a very tight deadline, I was responsible for the whole gameplay. I programmed the three mini-games with EaselJS, javascript. That was also a challenge because at that time EaselJS just released its first non-beta version. This game is also playable on the Ipad. Later was the game ported to Actionscript 3.0.

If you want to play the game click here.


Space Jump EaselJS game

During my internship at De Roode Kikker I wanted to create a game. So we decided to make a small game next to the other projects we had. This game called Space Jump is created with another intern, Jessie Titley. Jessie did all the artwork. The game is created with EasleJS, so it works also on mobile devices that support HTML5 canvas. To play the game click here.

I created a level editor for this game so that I could manually place the blocks to jump on.  From this data I created a JSON file. When you start the game, the level is loaded from that created JSON file and game logic is applied to it.

 Ajax call:

The ajax method I used is shown below in the code snippet. What this does is retrieves from the get_level.php file, that is running on my server, the JSON object data.

I first want to send the server a little JSON object to get the right level data back.

  1. I want to POST this data.
  2. Set the dataType to json.
  3. Adress to the correct file.
  4. Create from the JSON object that is send with it a string using JSON.stringify();
  5. And we do not want to cache this.


Space jump menu

Space Jump EaselJS game